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Reservoir To House Largest European Solar Panel Farm

You may be interested to read that work is almost complete on a solar panel farm that is water based here in the UK. This project is being completed on the Queen Elizabeth 11 reservoir that is situated at Walton on Thames. The solar power farm will have 23,000 solar panels.

Are we likely to see more reservoirs being used to site solar panel systems on the surface of the water?

It was only back in November of last year that we mentioned a solar farm that was to be constructed on Godley Reservoir that is located in Greater Manchester. Some 12,000 solar panels were to be placed on the surface of the water that would possibly have made it the largest water based solar panel system in Europe.

The project at the Queen Elizabeth 11 reservoir is even bigger than the one in Greater Manchester and is so large that it will become the biggest water based solar panel farm in Europe. It may even become the largest one of its kind in the world although how long it may hold those records for remain to be seen.

The scheme has cost in the region of £6 million. Presumably, because the solar panels are placed on the surface of the water, the installation costs are greater than that of a conventional ground mounted solar panel system. Electricity generated via this solar farm will be used for water treatment plants in the area that play their part in producing drinking water.

It is interesting to see that this is another example of a reservoir being used here in the UK to site a solar panel farm. With so many reservoirs and lakes dotted around the UK it will be interesting to see if even more are used to help generate renewable energy in this way. Here at Solar Panels UK we will keep you up to date with any interesting solar power projects both in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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