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Record For Transmission System Demand

There has been some bad publicity about solar power in the recent past so it is great when we hear some good news. So, we thought that we would share it with you.

A solar power record was broken on the 25th March 2017 here in the UK.

Apparently, on the afternoon of Saturday the 25th March 2017, according to the National Grid, UK transmission system demand fell below the demand during the night for the first time. In the afternoon, demand fell to less than 25 GW. The lowest that the transmission system demand figure has ever been in the night is around 26 GW. The reason for the record being broken is being put down to more solar energy being produced as on the above Saturday the weather was particularly pleasant.

Another interesting statistic is that over the weekend of the 25th and 26th March 2017 output at coal and gas fired power stations had to be lowered to cope with almost 8 GW of solar energy. This really is excellent news for the solar power industry here in the UK.

It is going to be interesting to observe if there are going to be more occasions during 2017 when the same thing happens. Let us hope for some excellent weather in the coming weeks and months that should help bolster the amount of energy being produced by utilizing solar power in the UK.

There can be no doubt that solar power is playing an important part in helping generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way. This in turn will no doubt reduce the level of carbon emissions.

It would appear that more needs to be done to encourage more homeowners and business owners to consider solar power as another way of helping generate electricity with the added benefit that carbon emissions around the world are being lowered. We will continue to keep our readers informed about interesting topics about solar power on a regular basis both here in the UK and overseas.

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