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Plans Unveiled For Solar Farm Near Leeds

We continue to hear of numerous solar farms being constructed around the UK and have just heard of another where planning approval is being sought. This one is on the outskirts of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Planning permission is being sought for a solar farm near Leeds
(image credit: mcmees24)

It would be located at Haigh Hall Farm that is close to West Ardsley, to the south side of Batley Road, and would comprise of 32,000 solar panels that would be mounted on the ground using steel racks. The site would cover 13.5 hectares. This is of course subject to Leeds City Council giving the go ahead to the development.

The scheme would in fact be the first solar farm of its kind in Yorkshire.

It is estimated that the solar farm would be capable of producing enough power to provide electricity for as many as 2,000 homes in the locality so this is a sizeable project. It would run for 25 years.

It is expected that Leeds City Council will come to a decision about the application for planning permission that has been put forward by Oakapple Renewable Energy that is situated in Leeds by the middle of June 2013. Assuming that approval is given, the company would hope to commence the installation work as soon as the end of the summer of 2013.

Apparently, in a planning report, there have been concerns raised about the presence of the solar farm to homes that are in close proximity. It is the opinion of Oakapple Renewable Energy that the solar panels would only be visible to a few properties. To hide the solar farm from the view of many there would be many thousands of trees that would be planted.

At the present time the site is used for agricultural purposes and is made up of three fields. It is located in the green belt of Leeds. It would still be possible for animals to graze on the land.

We shall keep you updated about this development.

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