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Plans Submitted For Large Solar Farm In Dorset

The farming community in the UK often look for alternative sources of revenue and we have previously reported on proposed solar photovoltaic arrays on agricultural land. Such developments will no doubt help this country towards achieving their carbon emission reduction targets.

Solar farms are becoming more popular
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Plans have recently been submitted for a solar panel farm in East Dorset that would have the capacity to provide electricity for a huge number of homes in the locality yet, at the same time, the farmer’s sheep will still be permitted to graze on the land that the solar panels will be placed on.

Good Energy Generation Ltd, that are based in Chippenham, has submitted detailed plans to East Dorset District Council to build a solar array at Homeland Farm, Ringwood Road, Three Legged Cross, Wimborne, Dorset. The solar panels will be ground mounted and cover four fields totalling 28-hectare.

The 47,700 solar panels would be capable of providing electricity for 3,047 houses – that is almost half the number of homes in Three Legged Cross and Verwood. They would be sited in rows and be 2.65m in height. The panels will be able to generate as much as 12.5MW of electricity per annum. In addition approval has also been sought for the erection of cabins to house a substation and transformers and cabinets.

Apparently, there may be Great Crested Newts on the land. If this is found to be the case, they will be caught and then, once the solar farm is constructed, will be re-introduced onto the land. There are two ponds on the land but it would be the intention to keep them and also make some improvements to them. Furthermore, solar panels would not be installed in that area.

The development will go some way towards helping Dorset achieve its renewable energy target that is a long way off the 15% it needs to be at by 2020.

The application has yet to be considered by the council.

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