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Plans Submitted For Christchurch Solar Farm

The planning departments of numerous councils around the UK continue to receive planning applications to build a significant number of solar photovoltaic farms that will go some way towards helping this country meet its renewable energy and carbon emission targets. The number of applications does appear to be increasing, with the response from the public to such requests varying in degrees of both support and objection

An increasing number of solar farms are being built
(image credit: Pure3d)

Obviously, as we live in a democratic society, everybody is entitled to his or her opinion and, of course, to express it. However, whilst there may be occasions when people are right to raise their concerns, should we not, in the main, be supportive of solar panel projects?

For our part, we like to keep our readers as up to date as possible with significant solar panel projects. We understand that a planning application has been submitted to Christchurch Borough Council by Eco Sustainable Solutions to build a solar power farm near Christchurch. It is believed that if approval is given the solar farm will generate in the region of 36MW of electricity with that being capable of providing power for around 9,000 houses in the locality.

This would be a sizeable development and take anything up to six months to complete. The solar panels that would be operational for around 25 years would be ground mounted which is how they would normally be erected for solar farms and the panels would be placed at an angle of 30 degrees and placed at a height off the ground varying between 2ft 7ins up to 9ft 6ins. This would enable the land on which the solar panels would be erected to continue to be available for agricultural use.

We will endeavour to let people know the results of this application and continue to keep our readers up to date with similar schemes.

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