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Permitted Development Threshold Raised For Commercial Rooftop Solar Installations

We have been saying for quite some time that, in order to help the UK meet its renewable energy and carbon emission targets by the year 2020, the number of commercial solar panel installations will need to be encouraged. We have reported on a number of occasions about some major companies that have had solar panels installed on top of some of their business premises including the likes of Sainsbury’s – the supermarket chain.

Are we now going to see an increasing number of solar panels being installed on the roofs of business properties?

We are pleased to inform you that, late last month, it was announced that the permitted development threshold in respect of installing solar photovoltaic panels on commercial premises had been increased from 50kW to 1MW. Very roughly, the later figure would equate to an area that could cover the roof of a big warehouse. This means that, in many instances, such sizeable installations will not require planning consent.

Therefore, this will no doubt encourage an increasing number of business owners to further investigate solar panel technology as a way of reducing their energy bills. Not only will this be good news for them but there will also be a benefit to the environment as we see CO2 emissions reduce even further in the coming years. It may even mean that, for those businesses that are able to save funds, those monies could be used to further improve the business in some way. For instance, some companies may be able to take on more staff or increase stock levels to further improve their order books.

We are sure that you will agree that the above is great news for the solar power industry. Some people are quick to level criticism at the government in this country but the above is a good move on their part. Who knows, it may result in more jobs for people looking to work within the solar panel industry.

We will continue to keep you up to date with any new, interesting things within the industry.

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