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MINI Plant Installs Solar Panels

Car manufacturers are extremely supportive of introducing eco-friendly vehicles that are low in carbon emissions as well as being more fuel-efficient. It is great to hear when they are also helping the environment in other ways.

MINI has installed solar panels at its Oxford plant – Image credit: stuad70.

For instance, last November we made reference to the fact that Toyota had installed a 4.1 MW solar farm at its Burnaston operation.

We now hear that MINI has had installed 11,500 solar photovoltaic panels at their plant in Oxford. The company’s body shop only commenced operations towards the later part of 2013.

The solar panels cover an area of in excess of 20,000 square metres and have a capacity of in excess of 3 MW. The solar panels have been roof mounted. This level of capacity would be enough to have provided electricity for about 850 homes.

It is large solar arrays like this that are necessary to help the UK meet its carbon emission and renewable energy targets going forward towards 2020. So, the more car manufacturers as well as other industries that are able to support the green initiative the better.

It cannot be left to members of the public to be the main focus to have solar panels installed on their homes as the above figures confirm just what a significant difference large commercial solar plants can make to assisting the UK meet its green targets.

In the past, we have also commented on the importance of solar farms being installed in the countryside but, of course, that is on the basis that it would be preferable that such installations have the support of the majority of the local community. It is vital that, as a nation, we all work together towards the previously mentioned targets being achieved.

We would like to hear of any other significant solar panel developments that either have been built or are going to be so that we can make our readers aware.

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