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Meat Company To Install Second Solar Panel System

A year ago, Yorkshire Dales Meat Company, that is a catering butchers providing meat to many of the top restaurants and hotels in the United Kingdom, had a solar panel system installed on the roof of their meat preparation unit with the work being carried out by Investment Renewables. The solar panels have proved such a success that the company wish to install another 49.82 kWp system to make further savings.

Solar Panel
(image credit: theregeneration)

This only goes to show how efficient something like this can be both in terms of saving on energy bills and on carbon emissions. In fact their CO2 emissions have reduced even more than had originally been forecast.

The Yorkshire Dales Meat Company is particularly keen on supporting environmental issues. For instance, with a view to making further in roads into the reduction of their carbon emissions, they have had developed a trout lake that covers an area of three and a half acres. Furthermore, they have also planted broadleaved wood over two and a half acres.

Other environmentally friendly things that the company has done include delivering products to clients on trays that the customer can return to them to be used once again, utilising materials that can be recycled and, not too long ago, delivering a solution to produce packaging that is more sustainable.

Stephen Knox, who is Yorkshire Dales Meat Company’s Managing Director, confirmed that they were aware of the major benefits renewable energy could have to both the business from a financial perspective and a reduction in carbon emissions. They have kept the public aware of the environmentally friendly improvements that they have been making – let’s hope that other businesses will follow in Yorkshire Dales Meat Company’s actions.

It will be interesting to return to this story in twelve months time and see how the second solar panel installation has progressed in comparison with the first one.

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