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Major Bank Buys Solar Farm Site

Santander UK has made its second big investment into the solar power sector here in the UK for which it is to be commended. It has recently purchased Broxsted Solar Farm site that, once completed, will be one of the biggest solar farms in the country covering an area of 150 acres between Stradishall and Hundon, a few miles south east of Newmarket in Suffolk.

Santander UK purchases solar farm site

The bank, that purchased the shares of Broxted Solar Company from Lark Energy, will be constructing a number of other solar projects in the UK in the next few months.

The solar farm will be located on the site of RAF Stradishall airfield and will permit sheep to graze on it. It is part of Broxsted Estate covering 500 acres that is being regenerated. It will also include 130 acres for arable farming, grass land covering 150 acres that will provide grazing for cattle, 60 acres of woodland and 30 acres comprising some interesting agricultural environmentally friendly features. The scheme will also incorporate ponds for the benefit of wildlife and the planting of new hedgerows.

The solar panels will have a capacity of 31.6 megawatts and provide sufficient energy for 8,000 houses. Work has commenced on the solar farm and it is expected to be completed towards the end of 2013. It is estimated that over 33,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be removed from the atmosphere.

Apparently, the local community has been involved in the scheme. It is pleasing to hear that this solar farm is a part of a much bigger project that will benefit many people.

It is also interesting to note that Santander has provided finance for a number of renewable energy schemes around the world providing a capacity of 6,487 megawatts. Countries involved include Uruguay, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Canada, America and Brazil.

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