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Local Authority Wants To Further Increase Solar Panel Installations

You may be interested to learn that Wrexham local authority are the front-runner amongst their contemporaries as far as the installation of solar panels on council properties is concerned. They have recently completed the installation of 30,000 solar panels on 3,000 council houses at a cost of £60 million.

Wrexham Council are at the forefront of installing solar panels on council homes
(image credit: National Assembly For Wales / Cynulliad Cymru)

Monies were borrowed by the council towards funding the project. Over the next few years, the loans will be repaid from income generated through the feed in tariff scheme.

However, they do not want to stop at that point. They wish to install solar panels on another 2,000 homes plus they also wish to provide 70 schools with solar panelling. In this respect, the council intend to have discussions with Scottish Power to see if they are interested in buying any extra electricity that is not required by the properties.

They also need to have discussions about how such a project can be funded as it would involve another significant outlay with a meeting due to take place shortly. It will be interesting to hear how the government will react to requests for additional incentives to make the project that bit more appealing.

It is estimated that, in 2012, tenants in local authority housing made significant savings on their electricity bills – a total of about £900,000. Breaking this figure down a little, dependant upon how big each roof is, the tenants’ lifestyle and the quantity of panels installed, savings of anything between £100 to £300 were made for each household over a twelve-month period. Furthermore, around 3,000 tonnes of C02 emissions are estimated to have been removed from the environment each year.

Councillor Malcolm King pointed out that the council needed to make savings and estimated that the budget would need to be reduced by £34 million over the next 5 years. At the present time, there is only one previously built school that is fitted with solar panelling although a number of new schools that have been constructed have had them installed. The council wishes to look at the possibility of doing the same with many other existing schools.

Wrexham local authority is to be commended for their “green” efforts.

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