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Labour Party Wants 35 GW Solar Capacity By 2030

You may be interested to read the “Expert briefing note for Labour on wind, solar and energy efficiency” published this month. Amongst many things, it states what the Labour party feels is achievable in respect of solar capacity in the next few years should it get into power very quickly. The document was produced by a number of professionals and industry specialists.

The Labour party would like 60% of the UK’s heat demand and non-transport electricity to be produced by low carbon and renewable ways by 2030. Based upon figures for 2016, only 9% of the above is produced in this way.

In particular, in relation to solar power, the Labour party would like to see solar capacity reach a level of 35 GW by 2030. This is a huge increase on its current level that in 2018 stood at 12.8 GW and would require solar capacity to increase by around 2.2GW every year. It predicts that 2.5 million homes in the UK would have solar panels fitted and that some 70,000 new jobs would be created by 2030.

The above news may well have been welcomed by many within the solar power industry in particular those companies involved in the manufacture and installation of solar panels. Since the present government made changes to the feed-in tariffs scheme some time ago, the interest shown by people and businesses in having solar panels fitted to the roofs of their homes and/or business premises has dropped and there is no doubt that something needs to be done to revive people’s interest in having solar panels fitted.

It will be interesting to see if the Labour party wins the next General Election and, if so, how quickly it puts in place systems to make the above happen. Those of you operating in the solar power industry will no doubt keep a close eye on what happens in this respect. Here at Solar Panels UK, we will keep our readers updated periodically should anything of interest happen in respect of the above. In the meantime, if you are considering having solar panels fitted, why not let us put you in touch with a number of solar panel installers who will happily provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

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