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Job Cuts In The UK Solar Power Industry

A survey has recently been carried out with a number of businesses operating in the solar power sector in the UK kindly agreeing to take part that makes for interesting reading – in particular with regard to the employment situation within the industry. The PWC and Solar Trade Association survey was responded to by 238 businesses with this equating to 10% of firms operating within the industry.

It is concerning that so many people have lost their jobs in the solar power industry in the past 12 months in the UK.

The firms that took the time to respond to the survey said that 12 months ago they collectively employed 5,362 people. Now, they only employ a total of 3,665 individuals. That is a reduction of 31.65% that we are sure you will agree is a huge drop. That could mean that in the region of 12,500 jobs have been lost in the solar power industry in the UK in the last 12 months.

The companies that took part in the survey were also asked to predict what the employment situation was likely going to be in 12 month’s time within their businesses. 50% expected staffing levels to remain the same, 30% forecast that jobs would reduce and 21% felt that they would be taking on more staff. Not far off 4 out of 10 firms are even thinking of leaving the solar power industry.

It is being forecast that, this year, solar power installations could reduce to an average of less than 300 MW whereas in the last 5 year it has averaged in the region of 1GW per annum.

The Solar Trade Association is concerned about the situation and feels that swift action is required on the part of the British government to help resolve things. Let us hope that matters can be sorted out as quickly as possible to encourage more domestic and commercial property owners to have solar photovoltaic panels fitted which in turn could lead to more people being employed within the solar power sector. We will keep you updated.

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