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Is The Largest Solar Park In The UK Destined For Wales?

Presently, the biggest solar farm in the United Kingdom is located in England at an airfield used in the Second World War at Wymeswold in Leicestershire comprising of 130,000 solar panels covering an area of about 150 acres. However, this may be going to change and the title could be heading across the border into North Wales.

Apparently, the Compton Group, whose head office is located in Swansea, would like to erect about 180,000 solar panels covering an area of 220 acres on a substantial area of land to the north of Deeside Industrial Park in Flintshire, North Wales and close to Shotwick Lake Sailing Club. The solar panels would be capable of providing power to around 11,000 properties generating 45MW capacity.

Solar panel farms like this one are being built throughout the UK

There will no doubt be different opinions expressed by people which is only to be expected but ultimately large scale solar farm projects are necessary to ensure that the UK achieves it’s renewable energy and carbon emission targets by 2020 when it hopes that at least 4 million homes are being powered by solar energy.

It should also be borne in mind that a scheme of this size could create some temporary jobs that are to be welcomed in the current economic climate and possibly a number of permanent positions going forward.

If approved, this would be a huge solar panel farm and therefore it is important, in line with current government guidelines that the observations of the local community are taken into account when reaching a final decision. A public consultation process is going to commence later in October prior to the submission of a planning application to Flintshire County Council. The public consultation is to be held at Quay Building, Fron Road, Connah’s Quay, Deeside from 2pm to 8pm on Wednesday 23 October 2013 to enable local people to just pop in to discuss matters.

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