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There are more ways to invest in solar power than just having solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business premises. There are no doubt many people in the UK that cannot afford to spend a few thousand pounds on an installation or, for whatever reason, do not want solar panels visible on their roof or ground-mounted in their back garden.

There are more ways to invest in solar power than by having solar panels fitted – Image credit: Elliott Brown.

That does not mean to say that such people are not supportive of renewable energy – in fact many would love to be seen to be doing their bit towards helping reduce carbon emissions. So, what else could they do to help the UK meet their renewable energy targets as 2020 gets forever nearer?

Well, an option open to people is to invest some of their own funds along with many other investors in renewable energy schemes through a crowd funding platform. One such company that is currently seeking funds for the Engynious Schools scheme is Abundance Generation.

People are able to invest from only £5 with an annual fixed return of 6.7% rising to 7% with the Early Bird bonus. The income is paid half yearly for a period of 19 years.

The Engynious Schools project is involved in the ownership and management of solar panel arrays on school buildings. To date, 19 schools are benefitting from such arrays. It does not cost the schools anything to have the solar panels installed and they have no maintenance costs. It is forecast that the schools can save as much as 30% on their electricity bills with the savings made potentially being available to be used to help the schools fund other things that they may need. The project receives funds from the feed in tariff scheme.

Obviously, if you wish to consider the above investment you should make further enquiries yourself and seek appropriate advice, if you feel it is necessary, taking into account all aspects of such a scheme including any risks to your capital.

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