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Installed Solar Capacity In China Increased Significantly In 2016

In the past we have made reference to China producing solar panels for installation around the world and having solar panels fitted in their own country. You may be interested to note that last year the installed solar capacity in China increased by a huge amount.

Will we see more of these roofs on properties in China with solar panels on them in the future?

Apparently, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA), the amount of installed solar capacity rose by 34.54 gigawatts in the twelve months to the end of 2016 with this being more than twice what was installed in 2015 when around 15 gigawatts of solar capacity was fitted. This took the total amount of installed solar capacity to 77.42 gigawatts.

China is a huge producer of solar photovoltaic panels no doubt providing employment for many people thus providing a significant benefit to the country. In addition, the export of solar panels to many countries around the world will no doubt also be of tremendous benefit to China.

In a recent news post we referred to the high amount of smog that a number of places in China suffered from and that the installation of solar panels may go some way towards improving the environment for its residents. Let us hope that China continues to increase its solar capacity each year going forward.

So, how does the above % increase in China in the space of 12 months compare with the UK? Well, here in the UK, the cumulative installed solar PV capacity was 9.66 gigawatts as at the end of 2015. As at the end of 2016 the figure was 11.457 gigawatts. So last year there was an increase of around 19%. In percentage terms this is much lower than in China. Let us hope that the situation here in the UK changes and a better set of results are produced in 2017.

We will continue to keep our readers updated with interesting news about the solar power industry.

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