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Import Restrictions Relaxed On Chinese Solar Panels

A few days ago, the European Union announced that import tariffs on the import of solar panels from China were being lifted. These tariffs were introduced around 5 years ago so had been in place for an awful long time. The reason why they were introduced was that China was believed to be selling solar panels at a lower price than was felt to be acceptable.

Apparently, it was felt that as the price of solar panels has been reducing over the last few years that the import restrictions were having a progressive drop in benefit in countries within the European Union.

The news was no doubt met with a mixed response with a number of businesses no doubt not supporting such a decision as this would create increased competition from what is the largest manufacture of solar panels in the world. It will be interesting to see if the decision will see the price of solar panels fall even further.

Here in the UK, we do need to see something happen to help increase the number of homeowners having solar panels fitted to the roofs of their homes. In the last 2 years or so there has been a slowing down in the interest in having solar panels fitted. This was due in part to the changes made by the Government in the feed in tariff scheme.

If you are considering having solar photovoltaic panels fitted to your home or business premises then why not get in touch with us and we will arrange for a number of local suppliers and fitters to make contact with you in order to provide some quotations without any obligation to proceed. A representative from the companies concerned will happily visit your premises to discuss your requirements. It may well be that, over a number of years, you could make a reduction in your electricity bills and you will also be helping reduce carbon emissions.

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