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IKEA Selling Solar Panels

We have previously made reference to IKEA as they are committed to renewable energy having installed around half a million solar panels at a number of their premises. In fact, it is estimated that a third of its energy consumption is generated using renewable energy schemes. It expects to be generating 70% of its energy in this way by 2015 and, by 2020, all of its energy will come from renewable energy.

IKEA are to start selling solar panel systems in all their UK stores

IKEA are the largest furniture retailer in the world having been set up as far back as 1943. They have 17 UK outlets and have built up a reputation for selling innovative products.

They have been trialling the sale of solar panels in one of their stores in the south of England – Lakeside, Essex. They are obviously pleased with the sales results having been selling around one solar panel system a day. In view of this they have decided to start selling solar panels in all of their UK outlets. It is expected that all the stores will be selling them within 10 months.

The solar photovoltaic panels will be selling for about £5,700 for a 3.36-kilowatt eighteen-panel system. If a customer chose this sort of system it is estimated that it will take around 7 years before the cost of installing them has been met. As part of the package, customers will receive a consultation in-store, the panels will be installed and a maintenance contract.

It is going to be interesting to see how this takes off nationally. There is no doubt that IKEA have a tremendous opportunity to make a success of this as, after all, they have a captive audience with a huge foot-flow of customers visiting their stores throughout the week. Incidentally, they have been selling solar powered lamps for quite some time. We will keep you updated as to how they progress.

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