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IKEA Has Installed 500,000 Solar Panels

IKEA opened its first store in 1958 and is now believed to be the biggest retailer of furniture in the world. So much so that it is also believed to consume more wood than anyone else in the world.

IKEA are a huge user of solar panel systems
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IKEA are a huge supporter of renewable energy and have had installed 500,000 solar photovoltaic panels. At the present time, renewable energy schemes provide the company with one third of its energy supply.

In 2012, the company stated that it would be spending in the region of 1.5 billion Euros by 2015 on renewable energy schemes by which time the company forecasts that 70% of its energy consumption will be achieved using renewable energy and by the end of 2020 all of its energy usage will be provided by renewable means. That would be a tremendous achievement. Presently, the solar panels provide about 5% of the company’s electricity requirements.

Solar panels have been fitted in several different countries on a number of their commercial buildings including in the UK. However, it is in the United States of America where the company has progressed the furthest with solar panelling as 85% of their premises have had solar panels installed.

Not only do the company utilise solar power but they also have a number of wind farms in several different countries including Ireland and they have geothermal systems in place. Within the next three years it is forecast by the company that the number of solar panels in place will have doubled. The company also estimate that just by using LED lights in one of their stores will save each store in the region of 80,000 to 100,000 Euros per annum.

Of course, IKEA are not alone in being a major user of solar panels. Back in July 2013, Sainsbury’s announced that 100,000 solar panels had been fitted at 210 of the company’s supermarkets making it the UK’s biggest rooftop solar panel operator.

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