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Huge Rooftop Solar Panel Installation In Telford

You may be interested to read about the recent construction of what is presently the fourth largest rooftop solar photovoltaic panel in the UK. It has ben fitted on commercial premises in Telford in Shropshire.

More solar panel installations like the one mentioned in this news article are needed in the UK.

Lyreco has had the solar panels fitted to the roof of their National Distribution Centre by EvoEnergy with work having commenced back in October 2015 and finished in January of this year. There are 13, 860 solar panels capable of producing an annual output of 3,200,000 kWh. Carbon emission savings could amount to as much as 1,700,000 kg and it is estimated that the company could save in excess of £53,000 per annum on their fuel bills which we are sure you will agree is a large sum of money.

We have reported on a number of large solar panel installations both in the UK and overseas in the past. Collectively, such schemes will go some way towards helping this country and the rest of the world meet their renewable energy targets.

However, of late, there has been a drop in the number of solar panel installations taking place in the UK so it is good to hear about large schemes such as the one mentioned above. There is no doubt that such solar panel installations fitted to the roofs of commercial premises are much needed and let us hope that there are many more planned in the future to help the UK meets its carbon emission and renewable energy targets.

If you use the motorway network here in the UK to travel around you cannot help but notice the number of ground mounted solar panel installations that have been placed in a number of farmers’ fields. They come in a variety of sizes with some covering a small area of land to those that cover many acres of farmland. Collectively, these will also help the UK achieve the previously mentioned targets.

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