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How About A Solar Yacht

Solar panels are used for so many different products these days apart from the most popular use of being installed on the roofs of some residential and commercial premises to help generate electricity. We have previously mentioned some of the products that use solar power but we thought that we would briefly discuss another one and that is a solar yacht produced by Silent-Yachts.

Silent-Yachts produce a number of boats that use solar panels with the range starting with a 54.8 foot vessel that comes with a 9,000 wp solar generator. Depending upon the power configuration the boat is capable of travelling between 12 knots and 20 knots per hour. With the use of solar power it obviously makes for very quiet trips. Potentially, just when using power produced from the solar panels, it is possible to travel as much as 100 miles in a day as well as operate the domestic appliances on board as well as the likes of the other amenities such as the air conditioning.

There are also a couple of other larger Silent-Yachts – the Silent 64 and the Silent 79 that you may wish to also look at.

We have to say that it does sound rather appealing to be able to relax on a boat in the sunny Mediterranean and listen to the waves as you glide through the water being powered as a result of sunlight.

It is amazing to think just how many things solar panels are being used for these days around the world such as in public car ports to help charge up electric cars and the fitting of a small solar panel to the back of a rucksack to be used by a walker to charge up a mobile phone.

There is no doubt that solar power is here to stay and presumably someone will come up with a new product that can be charged up using this source of energy for the benefit of people. After all, using solar panels is not only potentially cost effective but it also can help lower carbon emissions both here in the UK and in other countries around the world.                         

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