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Highlights of Greg Barker’s Speech On Solar Power

Greg Barker
(image credit: brewatford)

Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, gave a speech at the first of six Solar Roadshows at Sandown Racecourse on 7th February 2013. Some of the highlights follow: –

  • The solar power industry has come a long way during the past two years and, although the journey has not been all that easy at times, it now has a good base to work from.
  • Solar power features highly in the Government’s Renewables Roadmap being one of the key renewable technologies as far as the UK’s energy requirements are concerned.
  • The solar power industry will benefit from the Energy Bill.
  • Last week 1,549 solar installations took place that was good with the total now in excess of 400,000. The government sees solar power providing anything up to 20GW of electricity by the 2020s.
  • He made reference to a local initiative at Dunsfold Park that is where Top Gear is filmed. There, they have installed 8,500 solar panels on the ground by the racetrack that provides the business park with sufficient electricity to last all day.
  • Although costs have fallen significantly these need to come down even more to ensure that solar power plays its part in the renewable energy targets being met in the United Kingdom. This can only be achieved with a partnership between the government and the solar power industry. A UK Solar Energy Strategy is to be produced shortly laying down how this is to be achieved together.
  • A new MCS Guide to Solar PV Installation was published yesterday to make solar panel installation more reliable, improve customers’ confidence in the industry and ensure that everyone benefits from engineering solutions.
  • The government will help the solar power industry promote the industry both in the UK and overseas to capitalise on business opportunities.
  • The Green Deal was launched last week and he encouraged the solar power industry to seize the business opportunities this provides.

An interesting and informative speech.

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