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Google Increases Its Investment In Solar Power

Google is investing in another renewable energy project, increasing its already substantial portfolio of solar and wind farms.

This one is a solar power plant by the name of Mount Signal Solar that is presently being built in Imperial County, California, USA. This is a joint investment with Silver Ridge Power.

Google increases its investment in solar power

Google, the company that has more users of its search engine facility on the Internet than any other company, is investing $103 million in the project. The solar power plant is expected to be completed next year and will be providing electricity to the San Diego Gas and Electric Company. Its capacity is expected to be 265.7 megawatt. Therefore, if you live in that locality, you may find that Google are not only your search engine provider but are also providing the electricity that is producing power for your PC or laptop.

The solar panels that are to be used in this latest scheme will be on single-axis trackers designed to tilt to capture more of the sun making them more efficient than solar panels that remain in a permanent position.

Apparently, this will be Google’s thirteenth investment in a renewable energy scheme having invested or about to invest more than $1 billion in wind and solar schemes. Taking all these projects into account, the company will have in excess of 2 gigawatts of capacity.

Many of their renewable energy schemes are commercial ventures selling on the electricity. In addition, Google do buy in electricity produced using solar and wind power with a view to playing an active part in reducing its carbon emissions.

The company is looking to supply an increased level of electricity through its renewable energy schemes to the energy companies that are in the locality of their data centres.

Google are to be commended for their approach to renewable energy projects.

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