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First Solar Home Being Constructed In The UK

It has been a long time coming but a company has just started to build, what is believed to be, the first home that is to solely use solar power to completely heat the hot water, heating and generate enough electricity to power the property.

Solar Panels
(image credit: Viktoria B)

The four-bedroom home is being built in Great Glen, Leicestershire by Caplin Homes with solar panels being located on the roof of the house. The surplus energy that the system collects during the summer period is to be stored underneath the home by heating the ground. As and when the energy is required during the winter months a heat pump will be utilised to retrieve it.

Michael Goddard, who is a director of the building company, commented as to how exited they were at having received the go-ahead to construct the property and to show how carbon free living can take place for an acceptable cost. It should prove a good example to other house builders of what can be achieved. The property is expected to go up for sale once completed for in excess of £1 million.

To add to its energy efficiency the two-storey property will be fitted with south facing windows that are triple glazed. Throughout the majority of the year the house will be self-sufficient as far as power goes. There will a period of 10 weeks when there will be a requirement to call upon the heat stored beneath the building.

De Montfort University will be playing a part in the scheme. Their Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development will help in the management of the project and monitor the flow of energy.

The property will be utilised to hold seminars to show off the technology that is being used encouraging other builders to use the system and start up a number of similar pilot projects.

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