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Feed-in-Tariff Scheme Has Proved Popular

The feed-in-tariff scheme was launched on 1st April 2010 so it is interesting to read the figures recently produced by Ofgem that cover the period up to 31st March 2013 which now mean that there is data available for a total of three years.

Many people are benefiting from the feed-in-tariff scheme by having solar panels fitted
(image credit: mikecogh)

During the three years there were almost 380,000 renewable energy projects installed on both UK homes and businesses so the feed-in-tariff scheme has no doubt proved very popular. Although they included the likes of solar panels, hydro, micro-CHP, anaerobic digestion and wind turbines, a larger percentage of these 379,530 projects were for solar panels which is perhaps a reflection of why we see so many roofs with solar panels on them.

Interestingly, it is the south of the country that has seen the major take up with in excess of 600MW with the majority of those coming from solar photovoltaic panels. However, in Scotland, about 50% of the feed-in-tariff schemes that were registered were in respect of wind power.

However, the figures did reveal a fall off in the number of feed-in-tariff registrations during the fourth quarter (1 January to 31st March 2013) to 21,260. This compares with 28,758 for the three months to 31st December 2012, 44,185 for the three months to 30 September 2012 and 37,661 for the three months to 30 June 2012. This begs the question if the drop is in anyway due to the government’s decision to reduce feed-in-tariffs?

Of the 21,260 registrations, 20,643 were for solar panels, 569 for wind, 19 for hydro, 18 for Micro-CHP and 11 for anaerobic digestion.

It will be interesting to monitor future figures in the coming months in view of the recent decision by the European Commission to impose import tariffs on Chinese manufacturers of solar panels that may be increased further in August 2013. Is this going to lead to an increase in prices for solar panels?

We shall continue to keep you updated with future figures. In the meantime any comments would be welcomed by our readers.

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