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Export Tariff On New Solar Installations Stopping

It has recently been announced by the Government here in the UK that it is not only to stop the generation tariff under the feed-in tariff scheme but is also to end the export tariff for new installations from 1st April 2019. This news will not have been well received by many in the solar industry and will come as a blow to many homeowners and business owners who have been considering having solar panels installed after that date.

At the present time, the export tariff is an amount that is paid to owners of properties who export surplus electricity into the national grid. It is disappointing to hear that this tariff is no longer going to be made available for new installations.

It will be interesting to hear if the Government intends to introduce something to replace the export tariff. Yes, the price of installing a solar panel system has reduced over the last couple of years or so but anything that can be done to help make having solar panels fitted by people has got to be welcomed.

Yes, there are no doubt quite a lot of people who see the benefit to the environment in having solar panels fitted as this could help lower carbon emissions both now and in the future. However, there are possibly more people who are attracted to having solar panels fitted because they have been able to see some monetary benefit in doing so. If having solar panels fitted is not going to be as financially appealing then it is quite possible that there will be fewer homeowners having solar panels installed here in the UK and that is not good news.

Needless to say, here at Solar Panels UK, we will keep our readers up to date with any interesting developments relating to solar panels. Let us hope that we get some good news at some point in 2019.  

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