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Essex School Fits Solar Panels

Another school has had solar panels installed to save on energy bills but the opportunity will also be taken to further enhance the knowledge of pupils about saving energy and the environment.

Solar panels
(image credit: James Smile Click!)

Hilltop Junior School in Wickford in Essex have had solar panels installed on their roof that will reduce the school’s energy bills by in the region of £400 per annum and remove about 1.24 tonnes of carbon emissions from the environment each year that would equate to 109 trees. A solar power company by the name of Lightsource spent 3 days installing around 103 solar panels as a part of the Eco-Schools nationally run scheme. This scheme is designed to help schools improve sustainability.

Lightsource are also very kindly assisting the pupils and staff at the school in developing a greater understanding of exactly how a solar panel system works. Students of all ages carefully observe how much energy is being saved and make sure that the rest of the school does all that it can to reduce the levels of electricity that is being used. The pupils are able to check the amount of energy being consumed through their computers.

Alison Waite who is the head teacher felt that the pupils had liked playing their part in the scheme as a result of which they were more aware of how important it was to save energy and they also were now aware of how solar panels function. Apparently, very few people at the school knew much about the subject before the scheme started.

Each month the school’s environmental ambassadors will meet to review things ensuring that their colleagues are doing their bit by turning off computers and lights when they are not being used. The school has had the forethought to put in lights that automatically switch off as and when people leave rooms and they encourage people to close doors behind them to save energy.

The school are to be complimented for their efforts.

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