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Eighty-Acre Solar Panel Farm

North Kesteven District Council has received a planning application to create a solar panel farm on an eighty-acre site in Lincolnshire.

If successful, the site would hold 45,000 solar panels that would be capable of producing power amounting to 12 megawatts – capable of providing power to 3,000 homes.

Lark Energy, who are based in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, are behind this proposed  large solar panel project. They would like the solar panel farm to be located close to the village of Burton Pedwardine that is near to Sleaford in Lincolnshire.  They claim that it will not impact significantly in the locality to the environment.

The Managing Director of Lark Energy is Jonathan Selwyn who made the comment that solar panels were very important in helping the UK to achieve its targets to reduce carbon.

He said: “Solar power is part of the UK’s strategy to generate clean energy as a way to combat climate change and to provide secure long-term energy sources.

“Solar farms are a relatively small, effective and unobtrusive way of creating the electricity we all use. The solar farm is proposed to be built on low grade agricultural land, which is a productive use of land of this type.”

The proposed site would be situated on land located at Grange Farm about 2.7km south of Sleaford, about 1.6km to the south of the A17 and about 2.5km west of Heckington.

There have been a number of solar panel farms built in different parts of Lincolnshire recently with Ecotricity building a 20,000 solar panel unit in July 2011 at Conisholme that is near to Louth. Also, in the same month, a 4,300 solar panel farm was built in Stow near Lincoln by Freewatt.

Lark Energy is presently building the UK’s biggest solar panel facility near Leicester that will house 125,000 solar panels when it is finally completed.

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