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Ealing Council To Install Solar Panels On More Properties

Councils around the UK are most supportive of solar panelling when it comes to installing them on many of their own office buildings and also on council homes occupied by their tenants. Such action will go a long way in helping carbon emission targets being achieved in the coming years.

Ealing Council are to install solar panels on more of their housing stock

Therefore, it is pleasing to hear that Ealing Council is continuing to add solar panels to more of its council housing stock in the locality. Apparently, they are investing an additional £1 million to do this. It will involve the installation of a further 240 solar photovoltaic panels and this will no doubt reduce the energy bills of those tenants living in the properties. This is a welcome benefit to those involved especially in the current economic climate.

By the time the installation work is completed there will be almost 600 homes in the London Borough of Ealing that will have solar panels fitted. The council estimate that the feed-in-tariff scheme and the clean energy cashback scheme will help the council recover the cost of installing the panels over a period of ten years. After that, it is expected that further money will be raised for as much as another 10 years that can be used to improve council properties.

The council are to be commended for further increasing their housing stock that will have solar panels fitted. It is expected that work will commence on this project around 1 March 2015. The residents that are chosen to receive these panels will no doubt be pleased to benefit from them.

Let us hope that councils around the country continue to add solar panels to many of their properties. As many organisations, businesses and residents as possible need to install them to help in the UK’s renewable energy program. Feel free to let us know about any interesting schemes that are or have taken place so that we can consider publishing them.

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