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Duties Imposed On Some Glass Imports From China

It wasn’t that many months ago that the dispute between China and the European Union was resolved over the dumping of solar panels and other parts when a minimum pricing structure was agreed enabling China to avoid an anti-dumping tariff being imposed as long as certain conditions were met. That saga has been well documented by us and many others in the solar panel industry.

Duties have been imposed on Chinese manufacturers of solar glass imported into the EU

The latest dispute between the European Union and China is over the importation of glass that is used in the manufacture of solar panels. Apparently, producers of this glass in China have been exporting this product at prices that were felt to be unfair by the European Union no doubt resulting in some manufacturers of the glass in European countries being under threat financially as their trading levels were no doubt being badly affected.

As a result, the European Union has put in place anti-dumping duties on Chinese manufacturers of this glass that range between 17.1% and 42.1%. These duties are merely provisional at this stage with a final decision to be made by the European Union by the 27th May 2014 when they could impose tariffs lasting five years.

This dispute is no way near the monetary size of the solar panel one as the market within the European Union for this type of glass is believed to be below 200 million euros per annum.

Between 2009 to 2012 the solar glass market that China held within European Union countries grew significantly from 6.2% to 28.8% and, interestingly, the Chinese import price dropped by 27% on average.

This is yet another dispute that neither side needs at what are proving to be testing times within the solar panel market around the world. Let us hope that negotiations take place in the next few months resulting in a satisfactory outcome for all parties that are involved.

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