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Domestic Solar Panel Installations Top 500,000

Well, the solar panel industry just missed half a million sub 50 kW PV registered installations for the feed in tariff scheme by the end of 2013 having finished on 499,294. However, following 1,439 installations for the week ending 12 January 2014, the barrier of 500,000 was breached reaching 501,145.

The number of domestic solar panel systems being installed continues to rise

This information is from statistics provided by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Installed capacity has now reached 1,807,826 kW.

This level of installations has been achieved over the past three years. Going forward, it is hoped that a similar number of installations can be achieved in the next couple of years.

Following this weeks announcement that inflation has now dropped to the Bank of England’s target of 2% and the recent announcements of unemployment figures falling plus mortgage lending appears to be on the increase, are we likely to see an increasing number of people becoming more positive about their finances? If so, is this going to result in homeowners looking to invest more in their properties and purchase solar photovoltaic panel systems? After all, this would ensure that they are not placing as much reliance on the major utility companies who seem to continue to increase their prices on a frequent basis.

Interestingly, the large-scale solar panel sector has apparently grown by in the region of 600% in 2013 that is a commendable achievement. Let us hope that we continue to see a similar level of performance or better in 2014. The figures will no doubt be helped if support remains for the installation of more solar farms here in the UK. Last year, throughout the UK, new solar capacity of 1.45 GW was added.

What are your thoughts on breaking through the half a million barrier and where do you see these figures ending up by the end of 2014? As always, we very much look forward to receiving your valuable comments.

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