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Colin Firth’s Solar Panel Application Declined

Even if you are an Oscar winning star you may have difficulty getting approval to install a solar panel!

Colin Firth and Livia, his wife, have had their application to have a solar panel on their Grade 2 listed home in Chiswick, London declined because officials feel the panel is too big and any benefits from an environmental perspective would be outweighed by the damage to the setting of their home.

The decision by Hounslow council to turn aside the application was ratified by a planning inspector as the solar panel was to be 2.14m by 1.17m.

The Queen Anne style properties on this estate in Chiswick sell for £4 million plus.

Roger Shrimplin, the inspector said: ‘The proposed solar panel would erode the architectural qualities of the listed host building itself and would cause actual harm to the character and appearance of the Bedford Park conservation area.’

He added: ‘I am convinced that the harm done to the historic setting and the street scene clearly outweighs the benefits of the project.’

When Hounslow originally refused the proposal it stated ‘it has not been demonstrated that the solar panel will produce more energy than other renewable energy sources’.

The solar panel was to be located on the property’s west side and would have been seen from the street.

In addition to the Chiswick home the Firths also built an eco-friendly home in Italy that is where Mrs Firth originates from. They divide their time between both locations.

Livia set up Eco Age that is an environmentally friendly lifestyle and clothing business. She had enlisted the support of stars such as Meryl Streep to support her business venture and has a campaign called Green Carpet Challenge that encourages well-known celebrities to dress in sustainable clothing when attending public events.

So, if you want to have solar panels installed do take advice about the size of them

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