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China Will Protect Its Solar Panel Manufacturers

China has had to contend with quite a lot of matters relating to its solar panel industry in recent months with the latest thing being the fact that one of Suntech’s subsidiaries has gone into liquidation. Now they have issued a statement with regard to the European Union investigation into China’s solar panel manufacturers who supply European Union countries.

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Chong Quan, who is the deputy international trade representative for China encouraged the European Union to “cautiously use trade remedy measures” on the basis that neither of the parties involved would want to enter into a trade war. China have made it quite clear that they will take appropriate action should the European Union impose solar panel duties that they consider to be punitive. Chong Quan denied claims that China had made any attempt to delay talks between the parties involved.

Chong Quan also stated: “If the EU side keeps on its path, imposes restrictions on solar products and hurts the interests of Chinese enterprises, the Chinese government will never stand aside. We will have no other option but to take all possible measures to protect the legitimate interests of domestic firms.”

Apparently, this is the biggest enquiry that the European Union has carried out so it is receiving a great deal of publicity. The statement is the strongest that China has made so far with regard to the issue with the European Union.

It was in September 2012 that the European Commission started to look into the claim that Chinese solar panels had been dumped in markets within the European Union. In November 2012 they started an enquiry into whether illegal subsidies had been made.

Chong Quan denied suggestions made by some European Union officials that due to recent changes in the Chinese leadership there had been any attempt to delay talks about the issue. He claims China is keen to sort out the matter by communication.

Provisional duties would have to be imposed by the European Union by the 6th June 2013 if it feels they are warranted with the deadline for final duties being imposed being the 5th December 2013.

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