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Business Park To Be Built Incorporating Energy Efficient Measures

Jonathan James, who is a businessman, has been successful in obtaining planning permission to construct Littleport Business Park in Cambridgeshire at a cost of £3 million. It is to be located on three acres of land by the A10 next to the Wisbech Road BP station.

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There will be 12 units in total on the new business park providing 3,945 square metres of BI space. There will also be landscaping at the site that will provide car parking and also parking for bicycles.  In an effort to be as energy efficient as possible it is the intention to use low energy lighting, sustainable materials in the construction of the buildings and solar panels

A planning application in respect of the business park had been submitted in November 2012 to East Cambridgeshire District Council but it wasn’t until a few days ago that planning approval was given.

Sue Finlayson, who is the planning officer, felt that the new business park had the potential to generate as many as 190 new jobs that fits in with the Littleport Masterplan. Where the site would be located will mean it is within the local draft plan. She was supportive of the fact that the business park would not have an adverse impact in the locality as it would be suitably landscaped, the various buildings would be of suitable dimensions and they also incorporated certain features to provide high sustainability.

The business park will be incorporated within the petrol station and store that is presently there and landscaping will be included to make sure that there is a suitable buffer by the side of the A10. The buildings will point inwards with other landscaping including courtyards and communal relaxation areas.

Jonathan James felt that the development fits in well with the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework in addition to the Littleport Masterplan.

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