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Burnley College Gets Solar Panels

Large solar panel projects continue to pop up around the UK as the country strives to meet its renewable energy targets as well as reduce carbon emissions and let’s not forget the other reason why people, organisations and businesses are fitting solar panels – to save money.

Solar photovoltaic panels are being installed at Burnley College
(image credit: Abi Skipp)

Burnley College in Lancashire are presently having solar panels fitted with a view to providing power for the site. In fact as many as 600 solar photovoltaic panels are being installed.

Furthermore, at Princes Way, electric cars will be able to charge up using new plug-in power points which will be the first location in Burnley to provide this service. Both students and visitors will be able to charge up their electric motor vehicles at no cost for the time being.

The 600 solar panels are in the process of being put in by Speakman Contractors in conjunction with the Low Carbon Energy Company.

Shelagh Derwent, who is the Chairman of the college governors, intimated that the college was keen to support practises that are felt to be sustainable and provide environmental support. In anticipation of an increase in electricity costs that is expected to be seen before the year is out Burnley College is hoping to save on their electricity bills. Savings that are made could be re-invested in the college for the benefit of staff and students.

Hugh Bramwell, who is the principal of Burnley College, indicated that the solar panel scheme added to the college’s modern facilities that also include the college’s green wall that provides power for the gatehouse.

Although we will, of course, keep you up to date with any other similar solar panel projects, we would welcome hearing about any other such schemes that we can report on so feel free to leave your comments. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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