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Bristol Family Win Case To Retain Solar Panels

Isn’t it good to hear when a local council plays their part in coming up with a solution that is agreeable to all parties. That appears to be just what has happened in connection with a dispute over solar panels being installed on a Bristol property.

A compromise has been reached with Bristol City Council over the installation of solar panels on a property
(image credit: aaron_anderer)

In the first instance, Bristol City Council had wanted the solar panels taken down on the ex council house in the city but a compromise arrangement was reached.

Wayne and Jessica Smith are the owners of the lease on an ex council maisonette in Stapleton and had had the solar panels installed some time ago. The couple had the 18 solar panels installed unaware that there could be a problem.

They had purchased the two bedroomed maisonette as part of the right to buy scheme introduced by the government but were unaware that that did not include either the roof space or the roof. The property used to be a three bedroomed semi-detached home which had been converted into two homes – a maisonette and a flat with the local council still retaining ownership of the building’s structure.

At the time, the couple, who have two young children, no doubt saw the merits in having the solar panels installed as it would reduce their electricity bills which, in the current economic climate, is welcomed by most people. They would also help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

However, in May 2012, the Smiths were informed by the council that they would have to arrange for the solar panels to be removed. Following a review of their decision the council wrote to the couple in August 2012 upholding their decision.

Following representation on behalf of the couple the council have come up with a compromise meaning that they are able to retain the solar panels on the roof of their home. Apparently, the firm that installed the solar panels received correspondence from the council agreeing to purchase the solar panels. The landlord services department at the council will take over the maintenance of the solar panels and the feed-in-tariff income will be collected by the council.

All parties are happy.

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