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Brighton Hospital To Fit Solar Panels

Sussex Community NHS Trust intends to spend £100,000 on the installation of solar panels at a Brighton hospital saving £15,000 each year. The Trust believes they will recoup the investment cost in 10 years.

Brighton General Hospital are to have solar panels installed in three blocks on south facing roofs.They expect the installation to be complete by the end of August.

NHS Trusts right across the UK are looking for ways to save millions each year to try to keep within their budgets and this would appear to be one way to help achieve that goal.

Sussex Community NHS Trust is responsible for providing an extensive range of services for the community such as medical, nursing and therapeutic care covering Brighton, Hove and West Sussex.

This solar panel installation will reduce the Trust’s use of the National Grid as, once the solar panels are installed, they will be able to produce some of their own electricity. The Trust also has a carbon reduction target to meet by 2015 and this installation will go some way to helping that target to be achieved. It is looking to save 20 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Will Clark is the Trust’s environmental manager who said: “We’ve already reduced our energy consumption and carbon emissions through conventional methods and this project demonstrates our commitment to invest in new, low-carbon technologies, helping us to save money and stay at the forefront of sustainability within the NHS.”

It is the Government’s feed in tariff arrangement that the Trust is going to be using resulting in the Trust being paid for generating its own electricity. As the tariff is guaranteed for twenty five years this means the Trust will receive free energy for the last fifteen years because, as stated earlier, it should only take them 10 years to cover the investment cost.

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