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Brighton Energy Co-operative Invests In Solar Power

We hope that you agree it is great to see communities working together to provide renewable energy whether it is through the likes of wind turbines, solar power or some other means. We have previously reported on many such schemes but do like to keep our readers as up to date as possible.

Shoreham Port is supportive of renewable energy

Anything that can be done to reduce carbon emissions has to be welcomed and supported. Such schemes are only going to help the UK towards achieving its renewable energy targets by 2020.

Brighton Energy Co-operative has been involved in the funding of the installation of solar panels on one of the sheds at Shoreham Port and is in the process of raising further funds within the community to have solar panels installed on another building at the port. Shoreham Port, located on the south coast, provides a variety of services including handling both the export and import of cargo, services for fishing and leisure customers and a dry docking facility.

This installation has been placed on Shed 10 at the port, one of their warehouses, and is the second array that the port has had installed. This latest one is capable of generating 214kWp of capacity. It involved the installation of 880 solar panels. The electricity is going to be utilised to provide power for various operations at the port including a repair workshop and offices. This latest phase brings the total number of solar panels installed at the port to in excess of 1,200 and they are forecasting to have 800 more fitted in 2014.

So far, Brighton Energy Co-operative has been able to raise in excess of £400,000 through the community with someone being able to purchase as few as 300 shares at £1 each up to a maximum of 20,000 shares. It is projected that investors may receive a return of 5% pa.

We will continue to keep you updated about any similar schemes.

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