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Australia Has 5GW Of Installed Solar Power

According to analysis carried out by SunWiz, a solar consultancy business in Australia, it is estimated that the country now has solar panels installed that are capable of generating a minimum of 5GW of electricity. When you consider that the country has an overall total electricity capacity of 56GW, solar power is accounting for around 8.93% of that figure.

It is estimated that Australia now has solar panels installed that are capable of generating at least 5GW of electricity.

Australia has come a long way in a relatively short period of time in terms of its take up of solar photovoltaic panels to help generate electricity. Back in 2010, the country had the capacity to generate around 0.5GW in this way.

In terms of States, Queensland has the biggest solar powered electricity generating capacity with 1,479,089 kW followed by New South Wales with 1,230,517 kW. In third place is Victoria with 894,711 kW.

Each year, from an including 2011, Australia has installed solar panels capable of generating in excess of 800,000 kW of electricity. Its best year was in 2012 when just over 1,000,000 kW of solar powered electricity generating capacity was installed. Last year the figure was about 913,000 kW, meaning that no other source of power made a larger contribution to the country’s electricity generating capacity.

Here in the UK, as at the end of 2015, the number of solar panels deployed was capable of generating 8,667,000 MW of electricity. To date, the total number of installations was 842,005. Last year, some 3,319 MW of solar powered generating electricity capability was added.

There are challenges to face in the solar panel sector this year so it will be interesting to see the figures for the UK for January 2016 and future months. Renewable energy plays a significant part in helping not only the UK but also the rest of the world lower carbon emissions and solar power is a major source of renewable energy. We will keep our readers up to date with how the year progresses in terms of solar photovoltaic panel installations.

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