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Are Solar Panels Going To Be Used In Car Parks?

Solar panel car ports have already been installed in a number of public car parks in the likes of the USA and it sounds like we may start to see some being erected in the UK at some point in the coming years. Hive Energy that is a solar development company would like to be able to introduce these panels on a large scale here in the UK.

Are some public car parks going to have solar panel car ports installed in the coming years?

Apparently, it is estimated by the RAC Foundation that this country has in the region of 4 million car parking spaces with many of them capable of having car ports fitted with solar panels on top of them. If a large % of them were fitted with solar panels, it is forecast that they would produce enough energy to power just under 1.7 million homes. They will also no doubt make a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions.

Many of these car parking spaces are in the likes of hospital grounds and shopping centres and the solar photovoltaic panels could be used to provide power for those commercial premises. Hive Energy have predicted that solar car park shelters will be frequently seen within the next 5 years.

Such car ports would also provide some shelter for vehicles that park under them which would make parking a much more pleasant experience for people that are visiting the likes of hospitals and supermarkets and local town centres. No doubt they would be lit up much like under cover car parks are at the moment that we see in cities and towns.

It will be interesting to see how the above progresses in the future especially when you consider that the focus seems to be moving away from having ground mounted solar panels installed in the countryside.

As ever, we would welcome the thoughts of our readers about the above.

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