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Are Solar Panels Facing In The Right Direction?

Some interesting research has been carried out by Pecan Street Research Institute in the USA about the best direction solar panels should face. The research team is made up of many experts in a variety of fields relating to energy such as solar energy, electrical engineering and electric vehicles.

Are south facing solar panels better?

In what is claimed to be the first of its kind, the Institute looked into the energy that was produced by solar panels that were orientated in a number of different directions on 50 residential properties around Austin in Texas. In a number of cases, the solar panels were facing west, some south and some facing both west and south.

The data produced showed that those homes that had west facing solar photovoltaic panels installed provided a peak reduction of 65% in grid dependence whilst south facing solar photovoltaic panels provided a peak reduction of only 54% in grid dependence. Furthermore, a greater amount of electricity was generated by west facing solar panels that produced 37% of the amount of electricity being used each day compared to the south facing ones that produced 35%.

Of course, the belief has always been that solar panels are usually better orientated southwards to capture more of the sunlight so this research makes for interesting reading. Apparently, the Pecan Street Research Institute are going to be carrying out research into the pitch of the roofs and the effect this has on roof-mounted solar panels.

We would welcome any observations that our readers wish to make about the above such as any implications this could potentially have on the installation of solar panels. Having said that, there would no doubt need to be further more extensive research carried out in respect of the above before any possible changes could be implemented.

We look forward to receiving your comments.

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