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Approval Obtained For Stratton Hall Solar Farm

Sratton Hall is located between Levington and Kirton in Suffolk being close to the busy A14. Approval has been granted and preparatory work has started to install a large solar farm despite a number of objections being received in view of its proximity to the dual carriageway.

Solar photovoltaic farms are becoming increasingly popular
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The solar farm is being built near to the Brightwell exit on 62-acres of land. It was felt by some that some drivers could become distracted by the site of the solar array.

The solar farm will include in excess of 47,500 freestanding solar photovoltaic panels that will be 2.2m high. They are capable of generating as much as 11.6MW of electricity each year that is sufficient to provide electricity for up to 3,000 homes.

Interestingly, although Levington and Stratton Hall Parish Council raised no objections to the proposed solar farm, they did write to Suffolk Coastal expressing their concern that there was the possibility of an increased accident risk for drivers travelling along the A14 who, as previously mentioned, may become distracted by seeing the solar panels. It was suggested that a solution could be to provide extra planting around the solar farm to hide it from road users. Councillors at Suffolk Coastal are in agreement with the suggestion.

Levington and Stratton Hall Parish Council also raised concerns that, as a result of a solarfarm being constructed, it could lead to further development of industrial buildings at Innocence Farm or on additional agricultural land by the A14 between Ipswich and Felixstowe.

Philip Ridley, who heads up Suffolk Coastal’s planning department, made reference to the fact that policy documents presume in favour of proposals for renewable energy as long as there is going to be no damage to the amenities of local people and the local environment.

The above solar farm will help Suffolk towards achieving an aim of becoming the greenest county in the UK.

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