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Apple Involved In Huge Solar Farm

Apple Inc is a large corporation based in California in the USA that is involved in designing and selling computer equipment. It is the Mac computer and the mobile phone known as the iPhone that the company are most well known for.

Apple that is well known for designing and building computers is involved in a huge solar farm project in California

Anyway, the company has announced that it is to use solar energy from a huge solar farm that has yet to be built for its buildings in California. The farm is to be called the California Flats Solar Project and will cover 2,900 acres with Apple utilising 1,300 acres of this. This is being done in partnership with First Solar that is a large business involved in the solar photovoltaic industry having been involved in the installation of in excess of 10 gigawatts of solar power.

Apparently, solar energy will be used to provide the power for Appleā€™s office complexes on site as well as a datacentre that it has in California. It will also provide power for 53 shops along with the Apple Campus 2 site that is presently being built.

Construction work is expected to start around the middle of this year and should be finished about 18 months after that so this really is a large project. Apple has a 25-year agreement to buy and use 130 megawatts of capacity costing around $850 million. This level of capacity would be enough to power around 60,000 homes. Apple already has a number of other solar plants with all its datacentres being powered by renewable energy.

This is excellent news for the solar panel industry globally and will go some way towards helping renewable energy and carbon emissions targets being met. Let us hope that there are other similar projects being announced by other companies either here in the UK, in Europe and the rest of the world in the coming months.

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