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Ambulance Control Room Installs Solar Panels

We often provide updates about solar panel installations that are likely to be of interest to people living in the locality of where the solar panels are being fitted but there are occasions when they will be of national interest. There are an increasing number of installations cropping up throughout the UK with these being a mixture of private initiatives, corporate installations and those involving public authorities such as on numerous council buildings.

An ambulance control room is benefiting from solar panels
(image credit: 28704869)

Some months ago, we reported about an ambulance service that was having solar panels fitted to many of its ambulances to help provide power. Well, we have heard that solar panels have now been fitted at an ambulance control room enabling the ambulance service to produce renewable energy using this means.

It is at Norwich ambulance control room that the solar panels have been installed in Hellesdon, Norwich. As a result of fitting solar panels at five of the service’s control rooms it is estimated that the East of England Ambulance Service is likely to save in excess of £800,000 on its electricity bills over a twenty year period. That is a huge figure.

The installation has been carried out by Photon Energy whose head office is in Reading, Berkshire. It is estimated that the solar panels will generate income and savings of around £42,000 per annum over the next 20 years. Furthermore, it is also estimated that the trust will reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 103 tonnes every year.

Andy Sanders, who is the ambulance service’s head of estates, was most impressed with the installation that took 5 weeks to undertake. The project was completed within the estimated budget. It is expected that the solar panels will be capable of generating 195,000-kilowatt hours of electricity per annum.

This is yet another example of an organisation using solar panels to their advantage.

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