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A Bicycle With Fully Integrated Solar Panels

Most people that use a bicycle to cycle around on use pedal power to propel the bike forwards. However, for some time, there have been a number of bikes that are manufactured that use a battery to produce electricity to help transport someone with less effort being required on the cyclist’s part. There are also a number of bikes that have been built that use solar panels to help charge a battery that generates the power.

Sunlight can be utilised to help power an electric bicycle that has incorporated solar panels into its frame.

However, a company is now claiming that it is producing the first solar electric bicycle that has fully integrated the solar panels into the structure of the bike. The company is called LEAOS and is based in Italy and was only set up in 2012.

The LEAOS Solar costs in the region of £6,000. A display tells you how much energy is being obtained and how much charge is in the battery. Its range, if it were just using solar power is anything up to 20 km per day based upon medium usage. The bike can also operate from an alternative power source if there is not enough solar power. In pedal assist mode, on a full battery, it can travel around 62 miles.

The bike’s battery will continue to charge whether it is being ridden or not. The solar panels are incorporated into the frame of the bike that certainly looks an innovative design.

This is just another example of what solar photovoltaic panels can be used for. We have previously mentioned that they have been used on the back of rucksacks to generate electricity that could be used for say charging up a mobile phone. They have been placed on the roofs in car parking lots where they are used to help re-charge electric vehicles. Solar power really does have so many uses and there will no doubt be other things that people discover that such panels can be used for in the coming years.

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