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Council To Provide 1,500 Homes With Solar Panels

We have been saying for quite some time that the UK needs an increasing number of large solar panel projects to come to fruition to help the country achieve its renewable energy targets by 2020. We cannot just rely on individual homeowners “taking the plunge” and investing in solar photovoltaic panels.

solar panels are a great way of possibly lowering your energy bills

Installing solar panels could reduce your energy bills

We are pleased to have read that the executive board of Warrington Borough Council has committed £5.25 million to provide three sheltered housing schemes as well as solar panels for 1,500 properties. Golden Gates Housing Trust is in partnership with the council in this respect. It is being forecast that tenants could each see a reduction in their energy bills of as much as £233 per annum.

This saving is a significant figure at a time when energy prices have been on the increase and is no doubt going to be welcomed by the occupants of those homes in the current economic climate. An income is to be received by Warrington Borough Council to fund the project.

There are no doubt many projects that have and are taking place around the UK that will help us improve the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. We have mentioned many schemes in recent months and let us hope that we continue to report on new ones that come to our attention.

There has been much debate about the building of solar farms in the countryside. As is usually the case, there are some people that are in favour and some firmly against such schemes. It is important that the concerns of local residents are listened to and taken into account over such projects which is something that the government wishes to see happening.

The installation of solar panels are undoubtedly having an impact on helping the country improve its carbon footprint and reduce energy bills for both residential and commercial properties.

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Government Keen On Raising Take Up Of Commercial Rooftops For Solar Panels

On more than one occasion we have made our views clear with regard to some of the things that need to happen in order for the UK to achieve its renewable energy target by 2020. It is important that as many large solar arrays are installed but of course taking into account the views of the local community.

Greg Barker wants to see an increase in the uptake of solar power

Greg Barker is a keen advocate of solar power- Image credit: University of Salford Press Office.

There would appear to be an awful lot of scope to utilize the rooftops of numerous commercial buildings on our trading estates and retail parks around the UK for solar panels. It would be interesting if you were in a position to have a birds-eye view of a typical trading estate as there is no doubt that you would find a larger percentage of buildings without solar panels fitted to their rooftops.

It is interesting that Greg Barker who is the minister for climate change has said that the Department of Communities and Local Government are to discuss over the summer period the possibility of making it easier to install solar panels on commercial properties with large roofs with a capacity of up to 1MW.

He has also confirmed that on 9th September 2014 he is to host a meeting of solar stakeholders including developers of solar panels, estate agents, large retailers, solicitors and landlords with a view to getting rid of the barriers that exist between some landlords and their tenants when it comes to installing solar panels.

Apparently, according to DECC, there are about 250,000 hectares of roof space on commercial properties that are facing south that would be suitable for the installation of solar panels.

It will be interesting to see what transpires from these initiatives in the coming months. It is forecast that if only a part of the available commercial rooftop space were used for solar panels then it would make a big dent in the 20GW target the UK is striving to achieve by 2020.

We will keep you updated.

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MINI Plant Installs Solar Panels

Car manufacturers are extremely supportive of introducing eco-friendly vehicles that are low in carbon emissions as well as being more fuel-efficient. It is great to hear when they are also helping the environment in other ways.

MINI are supportive of solar panels having installed them at their Oxford plant

MINI has installed solar panels at its Oxford plant – Image credit: stuad70.

For instance, last November we made reference to the fact that Toyota had installed a 4.1 MW solar farm at its Burnaston operation.

We now hear that MINI has had installed 11,500 solar photovoltaic panels at their plant in Oxford. The company’s body shop only commenced operations towards the later part of 2013.

The solar panels cover an area of in excess of 20,000 square metres and have a capacity of in excess of 3 MW. The solar panels have been roof mounted. This level of capacity would be enough to have provided electricity for about 850 homes.

It is large solar arrays like this that are necessary to help the UK meet its carbon emission and renewable energy targets going forward towards 2020. So, the more car manufacturers as well as other industries that are able to support the green initiative the better.

It cannot be left to members of the public to be the main focus to have solar panels installed on their homes as the above figures confirm just what a significant difference large commercial solar plants can make to assisting the UK meet its green targets.

In the past, we have also commented on the importance of solar farms being installed in the countryside but, of course, that is on the basis that it would be preferable that such installations have the support of the majority of the local community. It is vital that, as a nation, we all work together towards the previously mentioned targets being achieved.

We would like to hear of any other significant solar panel developments that either have been built or are going to be so that we can make our readers aware.

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Revised Solar Tariffs Likely To Be Imposed On China By The USA

As many of you are no doubt aware China is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world but in the past, has been heavily criticised for some of its trading tactics by many countries including European Union countries and the USA. As a result tariffs were imposed by the USA.

The USA may be on the verge of raising the tariffs they currently impose on Chinese manufacturers of solar photovoltaic panels

Chinese manufacturers of solar panels may be faced with increases in tariffs by the USA

The USA are obviously still uneasy with the Chinese solar panel manufacturing industry because we hear that they are considering revising upwards tariffs that are currently in force. They are also hoping to have these tariffs cover solar panels as well as solar cells.

The Department of Commerce are keen to increase tariffs to anything between 18.56% and 35.21% and hope to put in place these tariffs in the next few months. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is expected to review these tariffs before they can be finalised.

It is still the view of many solar panel manufacturers in the USA that their opposite numbers in China are being heavily subsidised by the Chinese Government giving them a significant advantage over companies in the USA. They are believed to be able to provide solar panels in the USA at a much cheaper price than those native manufacturers which is hurting American companies.

However, if tariffs were increased, this could see jobs within the solar panel industry being lost in the USA and bring into question the demand for the product. For those who are supporters of the drive towards removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere this would be concerning as fewer people may purchase solar panel installations in the USA that they have been able to buy from Chinese manufacturers at a lower price than those made by USA manufacturers.

We will keep you advised of any further developments in respect of the above but would very much welcome the views of our readers here in the UK.

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Are Solar Powered Roads On The Horizon?

Well, we have previously reported on solar panels being used in a variety of ways in addition to the more conventional way of generating electricity for domestic and commercial buildings. For instance, we have heard of solar panels being used to provide additional power for some ambulances here in the UK, solar photovoltaic panels being fitted to backpacks and on the top of public carports to provide a source for electric cars to be re-charged.

Are roads ever going to include solar cells in their construction?

Will we ever see road surfaces incorporating solar cells? – Image credit: jo.sau.

The latest potential use that we have heard of is solar roads in the USA. A company has developed a prototype called Solar Roadways. The road surface would be made up of hexagonal shapes that incorporate solar cells within them. These cells could be used to help generate power in the locality plus power also for the likes of electric vehicles.

Can you imagine the potential with this as there are thousands upon thousands of miles of roads not only in the USA but also throughout the world? In addition to using the system on roads, they could also be utilised on drives, playgrounds, paths and car parks. They include LED lights that could be used to help with signs. They also incorporate a heating system so could be used throughout the year including the wintertime to deal with the wintry conditions that so many countries encounter. This could, of course, lead to fewer accidents due to such inclement weather.

The company are raising further funds through Indiegogo. Depending upon the amount someone is prepared to donate will dictate how the person benefits. For instance, if $500 were given then your name would be engraved on a mounting hole cover that would be seen by many. If someone were to donate $10,000, they would receive a 7-inch hexagon that would include the identical textured top and bottom surfaces of the full size version. It would also include LEDs, solar cells as well as a microprocessor.

It will be interesting to monitor progress of the above to see if there is a possibility of it ever getting to the stage of being rolled out nationally within the USA and beyond in the next few years.

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Government Expected To Review Solar Subsidies

On many an occasion, over an extended period of time, we have reported on numerous solar photovoltaic farm developments that are either seeking planning permission or have been built in the countryside. Such solar arrays play an important part in helping the UK achieve its renewable energy targets by 2020.

is their going to be less solar farms in the countryside

Are we going to see fewer solar panel farms?

We have commented on some huge developments but, of course, they do need to be installed in places where they are not seen as an eyesore. The government made it quite clear many months ago that they would expect part of the planning approval stage to include obtaining the opinions of local residents and that seems reasonable.

However, there is a rumour that the government is going to review the subsidies that are currently available to those that own land in the countryside upon which they would like to install solar panels which, it would appear, would have a detrimental financial impact on landowners. Presently, it is estimated that subsidies in respect of solar panels cost the government around £600 million per annum. If these subsidies were to be reduced or removed there would obviously be less of a reason from a financial aspect for landowners to install solar farms.

We have previously commented about the move towards encouraging more solar panel arrays to be built on the roofs of commercial buildings such as supermarkets, factories, schools and council buildings that is a positive factor.

Another factor worth bearing in mind is that the solar industry would go through another period of uncertainty as far as the future of the industry is concerned which it could well do without. Therefore, there will be many people within the solar sector that are waiting to hear with trepidation what is going to happen in respect of the above.

For our part, we will continue to keep you up to date.

Your comments, as always, are most welcome.

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Pakistan Building Large Solar Park

Pakistan is not a country renowned for providing the most up to date facilities for all of its people with a significant number living in impoverished conditions. This could range from poor housing to dietary and hygiene issues.

Some people in Pakistan are expected to benefit from a new solar panel park being built in the country

A solar park is being built in Pakistan – Image credit: Andreas Demmelbauer.

Therefore, it is with great interest that we have heard that they are investing a substantial sum of money in developing a solar park that will provide badly needed increased power for some people. It is believed that only about 56% of the population living in Pakistan are currently connected to the national grid to receive electricity in this way which is a very low figure.

The country needs 16,000 megawatts of electricity to cope with the demand each day but, at the moment, is only able to provide 13,000 megawatts. The country is regrettably well known for suffering power cuts.

Apparently, the government is doing something about the electricity supply shortage and has invested around $5 million in the solar panel project. This is being built close to Bahawalpur in a desert. It is called the QuaideAzam Solar Energy Park and it is being forecast that up to 1,000 megawatts of electricity will be produced by it every day. The first phase of the solar panels project h is expected to be completed as quickly as by November 2014.

From the sound of things, it would appear that the above has the potential to make quite some difference to some of those people living in the province which is excellent news.

We are sure that you will agree these sorts of schemes need to be built elsewhere in the world to help those people in most need who often struggle to be provided with the most basic of requirements. Your thoughts on the above are very much welcomed as we value other people’s opinions on all sorts of solar panel schemes.

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Investing In Solar Energy

There are more ways to invest in solar power than just having solar panels installed on the roof of your home or business premises. There are no doubt many people in the UK that cannot afford to spend a few thousand pounds on an installation or, for whatever reason, do not want solar panels visible on their roof or ground-mounted in their back garden.

there are other ways of investing in solar power than by having solar panels fitted

There are more ways to invest in solar power than by having solar panels fitted – Image credit: Elliott Brown.

That does not mean to say that such people are not supportive of renewable energy – in fact many would love to be seen to be doing their bit towards helping reduce carbon emissions. So, what else could they do to help the UK meet their renewable energy targets as 2020 gets forever nearer?

Well, an option open to people is to invest some of their own funds along with many other investors in renewable energy schemes through a crowd funding platform. One such company that is currently seeking funds for the Engynious Schools scheme is Abundance Generation.

People are able to invest from only £5 with an annual fixed return of 6.7% rising to 7% with the Early Bird bonus. The income is paid half yearly for a period of 19 years.

The Engynious Schools project is involved in the ownership and management of solar panel arrays on school buildings. To date, 19 schools are benefitting from such arrays. It does not cost the schools anything to have the solar panels installed and they have no maintenance costs. It is forecast that the schools can save as much as 30% on their electricity bills with the savings made potentially being available to be used to help the schools fund other things that they may need. The project receives funds from the feed in tariff scheme.

Obviously, if you wish to consider the above investment you should make further enquiries yourself and seek appropriate advice, if you feel it is necessary, taking into account all aspects of such a scheme including any risks to your capital.

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Old RAF Base Could House Largest Solar Farm In The UK

RAF Faldingworth is not too far from Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. The airfield was used in the Second World War by bombers and later stored nuclear weapons. Interestingly, in the 1990s the airfield was used to train riot police.

It would now appear that it is going to be put to good use as planning permission has been granted to create a solar farm that could become the biggest one of its kind anywhere in the UK. That is, of course, assuming that another site, in the meantime, does not beat it to achieving such a record!

The UK will need more solar farms to be built to help it acheive its renewable energy and carbon emission targets.

Solar farms are playing a significant part in the UK striving towards meeting its renewable energy target – Image credit: Michael Mees.

It is expected that the solar farm will have around 196,000 solar panels installed at the airfield. We are sure you will agree that is a huge development. In fact, that number of solar photovoltaic panels could cover an area of around the size of 210 rugby pitches.
Those solar panels are apparently capable of producing 50 MW of capacity providing enough electricity for anything up to 12,000 residential properties. It is felt that the site will have limited visual impact in the community.

You may well have read in recent months of the concerns expressed by a number of people about the siting of large solar farms in general as some felt they were going to be a blight on the countryside. The British government were keen to ensure that planning authorities took the views of the community into account. It is interesting to read in the case of RAF Faldingworth that there was only one public objection received in respect of this proposed solar farm.

Obviously, solar farms are a major contributor towards the UK meeting its renewable energy and carbon emission targets as we head towards 2020 so the above should be seen as a positive step in the right direction.

Any of our readers’ thoughts would be most welcome.

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Solar PV Strategy Announced

The UK Government has recently announced details of its solar power strategy going forward which makes for interesting reading. This is at a time when the carmaker Jaguar can lay claim to having the biggest array of solar panels fitted to their factory’s roof in Staffordshire – around 21,000 solar panels.

Greg Barker wants to see an increase in the uptake of solar panels

Greg Barker – Image credit: University of Salford Press Office.

It is the opinion of the Government that although there has been a significant reduction in prices within the solar industry, this downward trend must continue if the UK is to achieve its renewable energy targets.

At the present time just over half a million homes have had solar panels installed but the Government is hoping that will double by the end of next year. At the moment we have 2.7GWp of solar power capacity but Greg Barker feels that there is the capability to increase that by as much as 20GWp over the next 10 years.

The report refers to their being around a quarter of a million hectares of roof space on commercial buildings that face south that provides tremendous potential for further solar panel installations. Businesses must be encouraged to make more use of this space. The Government intend to help remove the red tape to enable rooftop solar panels to be installed on the likes of warehouses, car parks, supermarkets and many other industrial buildings.

Apparently, the Government are going to have solar panels installed on various buildings that they own including hospitals and schools to help towards meeting targets.

The Government feel that the domestic market for solar panels is still in its early stages with things like the Green Deal encouraging greater uptake by the British public.

You may wish to study the report produced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change in greater detail. It is entitled: “UK Solar PV Strategy: Part 2. Delivering a Brighter Future”.

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