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Solar Panels Provide Almost All Power On Remote Island

Ta’u is a remote island thousands of miles off the west side of USA in American Samoa. There are almost 600 inhabitants who have relied on boats delivering over 100,000 gallons of diesel each year to be used in generators to provide electricity.

Well, you may be interested to read that the island has recently had solar panels installed on the island by SolarCity with Tesla providing 60 powerpacks to store the energy to be used by both domestic households and businesses. The solar photovoltaic panels will provide solar capacity of 1.4 megawatts that is almost enough to provide power for the whole of the island. These powerpacks are capable of storing a lot of energy that means that it can be used throughout the night thus providing energy 24/7.

Solar panels will provide the remote island of Ta'u with energy

The remote island of Ta’u

This will mean that the islanders will no longer be dependent upon the weather being good enough to allow boats to drop off diesel on the island. Presumably, residents will welcome not having to worry about not having enough electricity available to use in the future to power various things.

There are probably many other remote islands around the world that may benefit from having the likes of a solar farm located on them. There is also the benefit of lower carbon emissions when compared with having to provide power by generators fuelled by diesel.

It was no doubt a complex project especially having to transport all the solar panels and powerpacks by sea as well as bring in staff to do the work that took quite some time to complete.

The above is just one of many interesting solar power projects that we have made reference to over the years. Of course, we will continue to keep our readers up to date with any other similar solar panel developments both here in the UK and the rest of the world.

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Solar Panels To Be Installed At 5,000 Total Service Stations

Total S.A is an extremely large international gas and oil company whose headquarters are in France. It has announced that over a period of 5 years it is to install solar photovoltaic panels at 5,000 of its service stations around the world. Apparently, some 800 of those service stations are located in France.

5,000 Total service stations worldwide are to have solar photovoltaic panels installed over the next 5 years

Total is to have solar panels installed at 5,000 of its service stations around the world in the next 5 years.

It is estimated that the cost of installing these solar panels that will be provided by an affiliate company called SunPower that are based in California, USA will be in the region of $300 million. So, as you can see, this is an extremely large solar power project.

These solar panels may be able to produce 200MW capacity of electricity. That is sufficient to provide around 200,000 people with electricity.

It is estimated that Total’s electricity bill will reduce by around $40 million every year. It is also forecast that its carbon emission usage will drop by some 100 million tonnes a year.

There are many businesses that have made the decision in recent years to install solar panels with a view to lowering their electricity bills and reducing carbon emissions and there may well be many other companies that do so in the coming months and years. For instance, Sainsbury’s has installed solar panels on a number of its stores around the UK.

The UK as well as other countries around the world is keen to lower carbon emissions and have targets in place to do so. Renewable energy that includes things like solar power and wind power will no doubt play a significant part in helping the country meet those targets.

In addition to businesses having solar panels fitted here in the UK, they are also being installed on a number of peoples’ homes as residents look to try to save money on their electricity bills and also do their bit towards lowering carbon emissions.

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First South African Airport To Be Fully Solar Powered

You may be interested to read that George Airport is the first airport in South Africa to be fully powered by the use of solar power. In fact, it actually has some spare capacity that can be used elsewhere.

George Airport in South Africa has had 2,000 solar photovoltaic panels fitted to provide more than enough renewable energy to meets its requirements

Some 2,000 solar panels have been installed at George Airport in South Africa.

George Airport is located close to the Garden Route between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. In excess of 600,000 passengers use the airport every year. The airport has been the winner of the South African Airport of the Year on a number of occasions.

The airport has 2,000 solar photovoltaic panels that provide more than enough energy to power things in the airport. The spare capacity that is generated is used to provide power to a number of residential homes in the area.

No doubt by using the solar panels to help generate electricity, the airport is able to reduce its carbon emission levels that is something that is being encouraged around the world. It is hoped that some other airports in South Africa will also be looking to make use of solar panels to provide energy in their buildings.

Solar panels are being used for so many things these days and in a variety of locations here in the UK. For instance, in addition to panels being fitted to the roofs of residential properties we have heard of solar panels being installed by a supermarket and a garden centre. They can be incorporated into the likes of a rucksack to help charge up a backpacker’s mobile phone whilst he or she is perhaps far off the beaten track and used to power a motor in a garden pond that pumps water through a fountain and waterfall.

It will be interesting to hear if many airports in the UK make use of solar power to help provide electricity to run various things such as lighting, computers and baggage carousels to name but a few.

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More Electricity Generated By Solar Than Coal

According to some research undertaken by Carbon Brief there was more electricity generated by the use of solar power than by using coal in the six months to September 2016 here in the UK. Those people working within the solar power industry will probably be pleased to hear this as the industry could certainly do with some welcome news.

In the 6 months to September 2016 more electricity was generated by solar power than coal in the UK.

Solar panels helped generate more electricity than coal in the 6 months to September 2016 in the UK.

Apparently, the first time that this happened was on the 9th April of this year. May of this year became the first month that there was more electricity generated by solar panels than coal.

This just goes to show the impact that solar power has had here in the UK with regard to how electricity is produced. Of course, the six month period mentioned above includes the summer months which is a period when there is more daylight so we may see coal generating more electricity than solar photovoltaic panels in the winter months.

In the above 6 month period, some 6,964 gigawatts of electricity were generated by solar panels whereas coal generated 6,342 gigawatts of electricity over the same period. The electricity generated by solar power made up 5.2% of the demand for electricity here in the UK in that period.

It is no secret that there has been a drop in the number of consumers that have been investing in solar panels for an extended period of time with this no doubt being partially due to the government not providing as much “financial support” as it has previously done. The UK, as well as other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, has targets to meet to reduce carbon emissions and generate a certain level of electricity by renewable energy sources so it will be interesting to monitor how we are doing in respect of this in the coming month/years. We will keep our readers up to date in this respect.

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Will We See Many Solar Powered Cars On Our Roads?

Countries all around the world are keen to lower carbon emissions with a variety of products being made to help the environment and hopefully save people money. In recent years, considerable sums of money have been invested in electric vehicles but we have recently heard of a prototype car being developed that could be powered using solar panels.

There are many different sorts of products that may be powered with the help of solar photovoltaic panels

Solar panels are being used to power many products.

Sono Motors, based in Germany, has come up with the SION that it is hoping will be available in two models – the EXTENDER and the URBAN. These electric cars are expected to have more than one power source with one of those being by way of solar power.

The EXTENDER is expected to have a range of around 155 miles and the URBAN model a range of 74 miles. They would have a one-speed gearbox and have a maximum speed of about 140 kmh. They would have a 30kWH battery. It is forecast that each car could travel in the region of just over 18 miles a day just by using solar power. Each car would have 6 seats – 3 in the front and 3 in the rear.

Apparently, the company is raising finance through crowd funding.

It will be interesting to see if this project is a success as it would be good to see more uses of solar photovoltaic panel technology. This particular vehicle would have solar panels incorporated on both the top and sides of the vehicle thus giving it every opportunity to capture the sun. From the sound of things, if there was not enough power going to be produced using solar technology then the car could be charged in the usual way enabling it to travel a greater distance than that available just by using solar power. The car could also be used to provide electricity to power other devices when not being used on the road. It is hoped that the car would be available for delivery to the public in 2018.

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Solar Panels To Be Installed On Cathedral Roof

Solar photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs of numerous buildings including family homes and commercial premises such as the likes of Sainsbury’s Supermarket. Well, a cathedral in the UK is shortly to have solar panels fitted to its roof as part of a significant restoration scheme.

solar photovoltaic panels are going to be fitted to the nave roof of Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral is to have solar panels fitted to the nave roof.

Gloucester Cathedral is currently involved in Project Pilgrim that will see in the region of £6 million being spent in restoring the beautiful cathedral. As part of that project in the region of £100,000 is apparently being spent on having solar panels fitted to a roof of the cathedral.

It is estimated that as many as 200 solar panels will be fitted to the nave’s roof and it is expected that the panels will be fitted around October of this year. The installation work is expected to take around 3 weeks. Prior to the fitting taking place there is some other preparatory work that needs to be carried out.

It is great to hear that the funding of the solar panels is to come from money from a public appeal. At the present time, some 90% of the money has already been raised.

It is also pleasing to note that the solar panels may save as much as 25% of the energy costs of the cathedral on an annual basis. It is projected that the solar panels will generate between 28 to 30 MWh every year. In should help reduce carbon emissions that is something that the UK and other countries are keen to do.

The solar panels will not be that visible so hopefully they should not spoil the look of the wonderful building.

Apparently, Gloucester Cathedral is not the only religious building in the UK to have invested in solar panels.

It is solar power projects like this one that will go some way towards helping the UK meet its renewable energy targets in the coming years as well as lower carbon emissions.

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Solar Powered Umbrella – What Will They Think Of Next!

My goodness me – what will they think of next when it comes to solar power? Well, on a number of occasions, we have reported about a few interesting innovations involving solar panels.

will we be able to buy umbrellas fitted with solar photovoltaic panels here in the UK

It will be interesting to see if we will be able to buy umbrellas with solar panels fitted in them in the UK.

Apparently, a Saudi- Palestinian business has come up with an umbrella that is powered by solar panels that have been inserted into the fabric of the umbrella. The umbrella is actually ideally presently to be used to keep the sun at bay rather than stop you getting wet.

The small solar photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s rays and daylight and generate solar power that is stored within the handle of the umbrella. The electricity is then used for a variety of purposes some of which can be controlled by switches.

For instance, the umbrella has a fan that can be switched on to produce cooling air for the benefit of the owner of the umbrella to help keep their temperature down. Another switch controls a navigation system that will help from a location point of view. There is also a light that can be activated that will no doubt help someone in the dark.

Another interesting feature of this solar paneled umbrella is that there are three USB ports that can be used to, for instance, help charge up someone’s mobile phone or tablet.

Apparently, the inventors are looking for backing to go into producing these solar umbrellas on a commercial basis. It will be interesting to hear how they progress in this respect and we will keep our readers updated.

Over the years we have mentioned a number of interesting uses that have been found for solar panels. For instance, solar panels have been built into rucksacks that can be used by the likes of backpackers to charge up their mobile phones. This could be of particular benefit should they be walking in some remote areas of the world and get into difficulty requiring the use of a mobile phone to call for assistance.

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SolarCity Planning To Build Solar Roofs

It has been announced that Tesla is looking to purchase SolarCity with the later being a solar power company and the former building electric cars. Eton Musk is CEO of Tesla as well as being the major shareholder and chairman of SolarCity. SolarCity is a huge company in the USA and provide solar panel systems for both residential and commercial premises.

Solarcity produce solar panel systems and they are hoping to produce a solar panel roof.

Solar roofs are looking to be produced by SolarCity from the USA

Well, we thought that you might be interested to read that it has recently been announced that Solar City is to develop and produce solar roofs as well as continuing to provide normal solar panels that can be fitted onto the roofs of residential and commercial buildings. Tesla is also expected to benefit from such a venture in respect of their vehicles.

Apparently there are a considerable number of properties each year in the USA that have to have their roofs replaced. In which case, perhaps people could have a whole solar paneled roof installed rather than have a conventional tile or slate roof on which solar panels would normally be placed. Presumably, both options would need to be costed to establish which option would be the most financially viable. A certain type of Tesla battery could also be utilized to store the power that is generated in this way.

Quite some time ago, we mentioned in another post about solar roof tiles being used in Australia but this latest venture from Solar City seems to be taking things to a different level.

Of course, solar roofs would not just be applicable to replacement roofs. Presumably, there is nothing to stop builders incorporating solar roofs in brand new homes.

It may be as soon as the end of this year when solar roofs become available via SolarCity. Here at Solar Panels UK, we will continue to keep our many readers up to date with developments in this respect.

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Could Chernobyl Be Used As Solar Power Site?

Many of you will be aware of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe that took place in the 1980s resulting in the death of many people. It also meant that several hundred thousand people had to be evacuated from their homes over a wide area and re-housed.

Are we going to see a solar power plant being built on or near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant?

Will a solar power plant be built in the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant?

Well, apparently, Ukraine is considering using the 1,600 square miles of land that is presently uninhabited due to the above disaster to house solar panels to help generate electricity. It is estimated that 4 gigawatts of electricity could be generated from the solar power plant that would make it the largest plant of its kind on the planet.

Ukraine already uses solar power in the country and will no doubt be very keen to do all that it can to further reduce carbon emissions that should help further improve the environment. It will be interesting to see if they do decide to use the vast area to install solar panels as surely this could only be done if it was considered safe for personnel to enter the area without becoming ill as a result of what happened back in 1986.

There are many locations that are being used to house solar panels around the world including on top of the roofs of domestic and commercial premises. In addition, solar farms are appearing in farmers’ fields and can often be seen close to motorways here in the UK. They are also being constructed in the desert, on the surface of reservoirs and the sea. They have also been constructed in some public car parks where the power generated is being utilized to help charge electric cars.

It will be interesting to see where else solar farms are installed in the coming years as countries around the world look to find ways to help meet renewable energy targets and lower carbon emissions. We will keep our readers informed.

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Job Cuts In The UK Solar Power Industry

A survey has recently been carried out with a number of businesses operating in the solar power sector in the UK kindly agreeing to take part that makes for interesting reading – in particular with regard to the employment situation within the industry. The PWC and Solar Trade Association survey was responded to by 238 businesses with this equating to 10% of firms operating within the industry.

In the past year, there has been a drop in the number of people employed within the solat power industry in the UKJ

It is concerning that so many people have lost their jobs in the solar power industry in the past 12 months in the UK.

The firms that took the time to respond to the survey said that 12 months ago they collectively employed 5,362 people. Now, they only employ a total of 3,665 individuals. That is a reduction of 31.65% that we are sure you will agree is a huge drop. That could mean that in the region of 12,500 jobs have been lost in the solar power industry in the UK in the last 12 months.

The companies that took part in the survey were also asked to predict what the employment situation was likely going to be in 12 month’s time within their businesses. 50% expected staffing levels to remain the same, 30% forecast that jobs would reduce and 21% felt that they would be taking on more staff. Not far off 4 out of 10 firms are even thinking of leaving the solar power industry.

It is being forecast that, this year, solar power installations could reduce to an average of less than 300 MW whereas in the last 5 year it has averaged in the region of 1GW per annum.

The Solar Trade Association is concerned about the situation and feels that swift action is required on the part of the British government to help resolve things. Let us hope that matters can be sorted out as quickly as possible to encourage more domestic and commercial property owners to have solar photovoltaic panels fitted which in turn could lead to more people being employed within the solar power sector. We will keep you updated.

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